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Information & Resources情報 & 素材

1st HUCI Forum第1回HUCIフォーラム

1st HUCI Forum was held on 5 October 2016. The theme was "Internationalization is the driving force of university's reform". A panel-discussion with four panelist, they are from IAU-ISAS (details below), was included in this forum, and the number of audience was 106.

平成28年10月5日に、北海道大学 学術交流会館にて、『大学国際化は改革の原動力』をテーマに、第1回HUCIフォーラムを開催しました。IAU(国際大学協会)4名のパネリストを迎え、大学の国際化に関するパネルディスカッションを実施しました。各部局から計106名の参加がありました。

Host/Co-Host/Special supporter/Sponsor主催・共催・特別協力・支援

主催(Host): 北海道大学・大学力強化推進本部 ( Headquarters for Enhancing Institutional Capacity, Hokkaido University)
共催(Co-Host):高等教育推進機構 高等教育研修センター(Center for Teaching and Learning, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, HU)
特別協力(Special supporter):国際大学協会(International Association of University)
支援(Suponsor):文部科学省「スーパーグローバル大学創成支援」事業(MEXT “Top Global University Project”)

Purpose of HUCI ForumHUCIフォーラムの目的


The forum encourages a dialogue among members of the Hokkaido University community for an ultimate purpose to assure the promising future that the ten-year visions of Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI)seek.

Purpose of the Day本日の目的


The Hokkaido University community will try to understand HU’s position among the world’s universities while obtaining up-to-date information about their internationalization good practices, with hope for discovering clues about new measures to advance its internationalization endeavors. This forum is one of a training series for advisors to the present and deans.

Program and Languageプログラムと言語

13:30-開会の挨拶: 北海道大学総長山口佳三

Purpose of the forum: Keizo Yamaguchi, President, Hokkaido University
13:40-Panel discussion: IAU-ISASExpert Panel
Questions and answers between audience and panelists
14:50-Closing comment: Ichiro Uyeda, Executive and vice president, HU

Japanese and English: Spontaneous interpretation is available.


Dr. Madeleine F. Green (Chair)マデリーン F. グリーン博士 (議長)


Dr. Madeleine F. Green

・国際大学協会 シニア・フェロー
・米国国際教育者協会 シニア・フェロー

・Senior Fellow, International Association of Universities (IAU)
・Senior Fellow, NAFSA: The Association of International Educations
・Field of studies: Higher education policy, campus internationalization

Dr. Eva Egron-Polakエヴァ エグロン-ポラック博士


Dr. Eva Egron-Polak

・国際大学協会 事務局長
・マグナ・カルタ監視団委員(イタリア)、U-Multirankアドバイザリー・ボード(ユニバーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドン)、ユネスコ, 欧州委員会, OECDの各種委員会の委員を歴任

・Secretary General and Executive Director, International Universities Bureau, International Association of Universities
・Council Member, Magna Charta Observatory, Italy
・Member of Advisory Board, U-Multirank, Centre for Global Higher Education (University College London), and many other committees at UNESCO, OECD among others.

Dr. Akira Ninomiya二宮 皓 博士


Dr. Akira Ninomiya

・広島大学 名誉教授, 同大学元理事・副学長(研究・国際担当), 放送大学 元理事副学長(教学)

・President of Hijiyama University, Japan
・Professor Emeritus and Former Executive Vice-president (Research and International Relations), Hiroshima University
・Former Executive Vice-president (Academic), Open University of Japan.
・Field of Studies: Comparative and International Education

Professor Kent Andersonケント アンダーソン教授


Professor Kent Anderson

・西オーストラリア大学 学長代理 (地域と社会貢献担当)
・アデレード大学 元副学長(国際担当), 北海道大学法科大学院 元准教授

・Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Community and Engagement), The University of Western Australia
・Former Pro Vice Chancellor (International) at University of Adelaide
・Former Associate Professor, Hokkaido University Law School
・Field of study: Comparative studies in Asian legal system



The International Association of Universities (IAU), founded in 1950, is the UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher education institutions. It brings together 636 institutes from over 120 countries. Hokkaido University has been a member since 1962. A collaborative project between IAU and Hokkaido University to review HU’s internationalization strategy in the 2009 fiscal year turned to be International Strategy Advisory Service (ISAS). IAU has provided ISAS for 16 universities in 9 countries, including HU, since then.

What is ISAS 2.0?ISAS 2.0とは?


IAU developed a new version of the ISAS program “ISAS 2.0” that consists of several different but complementary services. Hokkaido University is the world’s first university to work on the advanced version and both ISAS 1.0 and 2.0. HU has already submitted a self-study report on its internationalization strategy to the Expert Panel. The Panel will visit our campus from Oct 5 to Oct 6 and hold various discussions and group interviews with HU members for the purpose to formulate a final report containing advices, which will be submitted to HU in Dec.

Video of the 1st HUCI Forum(1h39m)第1回HUCIフォーラムの記録動画(1h39m)


The video of this forum , mainly in English, was uploaded on YouTube.
For translator's records (Japanese voice or English voice), please contact to huci[at]

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