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Information & Resources情報 & 素材

2nd HUCI Forum第2回HUCIフォーラム

2nd HUCI Forum
13:00-17:15 on Thu, December 1, 2016

平成28年12月1日 13:00~17:15

Flyer of the forumフォーラムのチラシ

Date/Venue/Target audience日時・場所・対象

日時:平成28年12月1日(木)13:00 – 17:15

Date : 13:00-17:15 on Thu, December 1, 2016
Venue : Central Hall, Clark Memorial Student Center
Target audience :
Those who will teach in English international collaborative education programs.

Purpose of the HUCI ForumHUCIフォーラムの目的


The forum encourages a dialogue among members of the Hokkaido University community for an ultimate purpose of addressing the “ten-year vision” of the Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI) .

Purpose of the day第2回HUCIフォーラムのねらい


The forum aims to improve the quantity and quality of international collaborative education programs and subjects provided in English. It addresses a variety of issues as well as what is
means to engage in good practices.


13:00 開会挨拶・来賓挨拶
13:10 HUCIが目指す海外との英語による協働教育 理事・副学長 上田一郎
13:30 教学IRから分かる学部教育の現状 高等教育推進機構 教授 細川敏幸
13:50 新渡戸スクールから学ぶ大学院教育における英語授業の意義 新渡戸スクール 副校長 山下正兼
14:20 LSの事例について
                                 水産科学研究院 教授 都木靖彰
14:40 ESDキャンパスアジア・パシフィックプログラムの成果と展望 教育学研究院 教授 水野眞佐夫
15:00 休憩
15:20 「北海道発“グローカル”文化研究」協働教育プログラム〜PMF国際音楽教育祭とアイヌ民族博物館で学ぶ〜
                         文学研究科 教授 瀬名波栄潤、URA 森岡和子
15:40 OECおよびCEEDによる国際協働教育プログラム支援の一例     工学研究院 教授 小林幸徳
16:00 休憩
16:10 講演者によるパネルディスカッション
17:15 閉会挨拶
18:00 交流会(要事前申込み:申し込み締切日:11月22日(火)、参加費:4,000円、会場:エンレイソウ)

13:00 Opening Remarks/Guest’s Speech
13:10 HUCI’s vision of International collaborative education programs provided in English
                            Ichiro Uyeda, Executive & vice president
13:30 Undergraduate education evaluated by IR activity
        Toshiyuki Hosokawa Professor, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
13:50 What we can learn from the English classes in Graduate Education at Nitobe School
                       Masakane Yamashita, vice president, Nitobe school
14:20 An example of LS: HU-NUS summer course “Seafood supply chains in Singapore and Japan”
                     Yasuaki Takagi, Professor, Faculty of Fisheries Sciences
14:40 Achievement and prospect of the ESD Campus Asia-Pacific program
                         Masao Mizuno, Professor, Faculty of Education
15:00 Break
15:20 “Glocal” Cultural Studies from Hokkaido: Inclusive Educational Program with PMF International Educational Festival and Ainu Museum
Eijun Senaha, Professor; Kazuko Morioka, URA, Faculty of Letters
15:40 [Letters]An Example of an International Collaborative Education Program supported by the OEC and CEED
Yoshinari Kobayashi, Professor, Faculty of Engineering
16:00 Break
16:10 Panel Discussion
We aim to redefine education on a global scale, pinpoint in the challenges facing HU, and clarify
the issues at hand through continual discussions.
17:15 Closing Remarks
18:00 Networking (Preliminary aplication is required by Tue. Nov. 22, Fee: 4,000JPY; Venue: Restaurant Elm)



Host:Headquarters for Enhancing Institutional Capacity, Hokkaido University
Co-host:Center for Teaching and Learning, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, HU
Sponsor:MEXT “Top Global University Project”


(国際部国際企画課内HUCIチーム内線: 8141)
(HUCI Team, Division of International Planning, International Affairs Department ex: 8141)

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