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3rd HUCI Forum 第3回HUCIフォーラム

3rd HUCI Forum “Future Direction of Hokkaido University's Internationalization” -- Discussion following the IAU-ISAS Final Report--
Date  10:00-11:30 on Fri, March 10, 2017
Venue  Large Conference Room, Centennial Hall
Target  Faculty members and administrative staff

第3回HUCIフォーラム 北海道大学の国際化を今後どのように進めるか ~IAU- ISAS提言を受けて~
日時:平成29年3月10日 10:00~11:30
場所:百年記念会館 大会議室

Purpose of the HUCI ForumHUCIフォーラムの目的

The forum encourages a dialogue among members of the Hokkaido University community for an ultimate purpose of addressing the “ten-year vision” of the Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI) .


Purpose of the day第3回HUCIフォーラムの目的


In 2016, Hokkaido University reviewed its 10-year internationalization strategy title of the "Hokkaido Universal Campus Initiative (HUCI)" while utilizing the Internationalization Strategy Advisory Service (ISAS) offered by the UNESCO-based NGO, the International Association of Universities (IAU). The IAU-ISAS Final Report (December, 2016) provides insightful observations and profound recommendations to accelerate our internationalization efforts. This forum invites the HU community to discuss our future.

昨年、本学は文部科学省「スーパーグローバル大学創成支援」事業採択の大学国際化のための大学改革構想「Hokkaido ユニバーサルキャンパス・イニシアチブ(HUCI)」に関して、国際大学協会の国際戦略に対する助言サービス(IAU-ISAS (2.0))と協働して点検に取り組み、12月に示唆に富んだ指摘や有益な助言を含む「IAU-ISAS最終報告書」を受け取りました。

Date/Venue/Target audience/Language日時・場所・対象・言語

Date : 10:00-11:30 on Fri, March 10, 2017
Venue : Large Conference Room, Centennial Hall
Target audience : Faculty members and administrative staff
Language : Jap. ⇔Eng. translations available

日時:平成29年 3月10日(金)10:00 – 11:30
場所:北海道大学 百年記念会館 大会議室
言語:日/英 同時通訳

Application (deadline : March 9th, 2017)参加申込 (3月9日(木)締切)

Please apply by the application form below or telephone / mail.
E-mail: huci[at]
Section: Division of International Planning, International Affairs Department

[Eメール ] huci[at]
[電 話 ] (011)706-8141  
[担当事務 ] 国際部国際企画課 HUCIチーム


Reading the documents in advance is recommended. In addition, there will be time for Q&A after the panel discussion. The URL to download the documents is as below.



1. Opening remarks/主催者挨拶
2. About IAU-ISAS/IAU-ISASの概要説明
3. Panel discussion/パネルディスカッション
4. Q&A /質疑応答

Moderator :Katsunori Nagano, Advisor to the President; Professor, Faculty of Engineering
・ Aya Takahashi, Advisor to the President; Professor, Institute for International Collaboration
・ Yoshikazu Miyanaga, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
・ Junji Yamaguchi, Vice President; Dean, Graduate School of Life Science; Vice-principal, Nitobe College
・ Atsushi Yokota, Dean and Professor, Research Faculty of Agriculture
・ Atsuro Yokoyama, Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Dental Medicine
・ Gayman, Jeffry Joseph, Associate professor, Research Faculty of Media and Communication

モデレータ :  長野克則  総長補佐、工学研究院教授
・ 髙橋 彩  総長補佐、国際連携機構教
・ 宮永 喜一 情報科学研究科長
・ 山口 淳二 副学長, 生命科学院長
・ 横田 篤 農学研究院長
・ 横山 敦郎 歯学研究科長
・ Gayman, Jeffry Joseph メディア・コミュニケーション研究院 准教授

Host/Co-host/In Cooeration with/Sponsor主催・共催・協力・支援


Host : Headquarters for Enhancing Institutional Capacity
Co-Host : Center for Teaching and Learning, Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
In Cooeration with : The International Relations Office of the Faculty of Medicine, International Affairs Office of Engineering
Sponsor : MEXT “Top Global University Project”


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